Circle of Fire Ranks

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[edit] Tribesman

He who shows the qualities that distinguish him as a worthy member of the Clan is rewarded by being admitted in the ranks of the Tribesmen. He learns to support the clan and learns from his elders through observation and imitation. He learns what is expected of him, what his obligations and privileges are along with what limitations are placed upon him. His striving for new experiences places a dual demand upon him- a demand for self control and the demand for the acceptance of control from others. He learns to control his inherent, natural chaotic urges and channel them for the welfare of the Clan. He is encouraged to give free reign to his self- expression, for it develops in him a sense of pride and the strength to make free choices, to decide, to exercise self-restraint and to apply himself. It is from the ranks of the Tribesmen that arise the priests, poets, lawmakers, builders and master craftsmen that are the mainstay of the Clan. Although not members of the elite warband, they share in the ancient duty that all able-bodied members of the Tribe are bound to arm themselves and serve to defend their Clan. Called upon at times of emergency this citizen's army shall not fail in its task. In addition to military duties, they can undertake any trade at which they feel most competent. A Tribesman may work as a scribe on the staff of his commanding officer, a healer, a musician who maintains the morale of the troops or a merchant that keeps his clansmen equipped.

[edit] Warrior

All Warriors are experienced fighters who continually practice their trade, and are accustomed to living, training and fighting together as one. Their laws and code of honor bond them to faithful service to their Goddess, Pendragon, other officers, Preceptors and to each other, even onto death. Dwarf and elf, mage and warrior stand together- old rivalries forgotten- brothers under the sign of the Flaming Torch; each ready to give up his life in the defense of the Clan. To be accepted in their midst is a great honor, and all newcomers swear loyalty to his brethren, and utter loyalty is demanded and given in return for admittance. In the warrior, initiative combines with autonomy to actively plan and pursue his goals. He is eager to learn from his elders and strives to grow in the sense of obligations and performance. His actions have purpose and he acquires competence and pride in achievement.

[edit] Centurion

He is his Preceptors' loyal lieutenant. Selected for his contribution, his intelligence and the qualities of leadership; it is he who looks after the needs of his Brethren in his absence. Raised from the ranks of the Warriors, he is close to them and knows their needs and aspirations. He is the voice of the Preceptors and acts as a deputy in their absence. Having built a strong self-confidence and sense of self, he is now prepared to unite it with others. He learns to care for others, and develops the strengths necessary to fulfill the commitments despite the sacrifices that he may need to make to maintain these relationships.

[edit] Preceptor

He is the parent to those who have been put under his protection. He is the strong wolf guarding his cubs- their mentor, friend, philosopher and guide. Under his benevolent guidance the clansmen acquire the virtues that make the clan unique. The love and care for others is his greatest virtue, the well being of future generations his main concern. His strength and wisdom is dedicated to the young and weak, his sword to their defense. In return, the tribesmen owe him loyalty and obedience, for in doing so they honor one who has devoted his life to their help.

[edit] Lorekeeper

He who has spent decades in loyal service and whose words of wisdom and moderation have often swayed the opinion of the clan finds a special place of respect. He joins the ranks of the Lorekeepers, the wise members of the Council, who form the advisers of the Clan. They are initiated into the deepest mysteries and possess all the insights of the clan. Great is their ancient store of knowledge for most have in their youth been officers in their own right, surrendering their authority and power to the new generation. Even the Pendragon would be well advised to consult them in the hour of need.

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